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“Save-A-Phone has saved me on numerous occasions.”


Some quick answers as to how we save all wet phones and electronics.

Do I have to open the Drying Agent bags?
No. The outer bag will allow the water vapor to be drawn out of your phone and into the drying agent pack RIGHT THROUGH THE BAG!

What’s inside the Drying Agent packs?
Small desiccant beads that are called molecular sieves. A desiccant is a material that has the ability to pull moisture out of the air and trap it.

What happens if I eat the beads inside of the Drying Agent packs?
All of the materials contained within the Drying Agent packs are non-toxic if eaten. However, they can give you a serious stomach ache. If inadvertently consumed, contact your doctor immediately.

Why didn’t the indicator ever turn pink?
The good news is that there may not be enough moisture inside your device to raise the humidity inside the bag to change the indicator. Just to be safe, you should leave the device in the bag for at least twelve hours.

The indicator turned from pink then back to blue but my device still doesn’t work.
Unfortunately, the Save-A-Phone system cannot fix a phone that has been permanently damaged by the presence of water in the circuitry of the device. That is why it is so important NOT to turn the phone on to test if it works before you are sure that it is completely dry.

What if I dropped my device in saltwater, or a beer, will the Save-a-phone system still work?
The Save-A-Phone system removes water only. If your device has been submerged in salt water or another type of liquid other than fresh water, the removal of the moisture can leave material behind that can affect the performance of your device. Although it may be risky, you can soak your device with the battery removed, in distilled water for a couple of hours and then dry it out with Save-A-Phone according to the directions. Do not soak the battery in distilled water.

What else does Save-A-Phone work on?
Save-A-Phone will remove the water from any type of personal electronic devices:
mobile phones, PDAs, cameras, video cameras, remote controls, video games, MP3 players, etc

Is Save-A-Phone reusable?
Once the Drying Agent packs have been removed from the outer foil bag they immediately start to absorb moisture. The effectiveness of the Drying Agent decreases the longer it is exposed to air. A brand new, freshly opened pack works best.