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How It Works

How It Works



Commercial Diver

“When we’re out on the dive boat, our phones and two-way radios are always around water. It’s really easy to drop your phone in water when it’s all around you. Not to mention the rain up here in south east Alaska. I have saved two phones from certain death with Save-A-Phone. I even store my mobile phone in the bag when ever I’m on the boat to protect it from the humidity.”

Remove water from wet phones and electronics instantly!

A Low-Tech Solution to a High-Tech Problem, the Save-A-Phone system uses very simple science to remove the moisture from your device.

By placing your device in the airtight bag with the two Save-A-Phone Drying Agent Packs (DAP), water is drawn out of the same openings that allowed the water to enter in the first place. In the case of mild exposure (high-humidity environment or sweat), this process can take as little as four hours or as long as seventy-two hours following extended submersion in water. The system works best at normal room temperatures of about 68o F – 80o F.

The Save-A-Phone desiccation chamber consists of a re-sealable, flexible bag made of a combination of Mylar foil and clear polyethylene, both possessing an extremely low MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate). Mylar foil bags are used by the US Military to ship their most sensitive electrical components around the world. The clear window allows you to see your device throughout the drying process.

The Drying Agent packs are most effective when they are brand new and have not yet been exposed to environmental moisture. You should use the Drying Agent immediately after opening the package. The outer foil bag is re-sealable, so if necessary, it can be used to store the Drying Agent Packs for a short time. We do not recommend re-using the Drying Agent Packs, especially if they were used to dry a device that was completely submerged.

Built into the system is a moisture indicator that measures humidity inside the Save-A-Phone bag.

When a device that has been exposed to water is sealed inside the bag, this causes the humidity to rise. The increased humidity turns the indicator pink in color. By placing the Drying Agent Packs in the bag along with your device, all of the environmental moisture will be taken up by the drying agent and trapped inside the pack. When all of the water has been drawn out of the environment, including your phone, MP3 player, remote control, etc., the indicator will turn back to blue. More than likely, it is now safe to remove the unit from the bag, replace your battery, and power up your device.