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If Your Device Is Wet…

If Your Device Is Wet…



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“We’re always dropping something in the water like mobile phones and walkie talkies.  We keep a couple of Save-A-Phone bags around at all times.”

What To Do If Your Device Is Wet

What to do if your mobile phone or electronic device is wet

So you've got water in your device... don't panic! We can help.

Follow the steps below to begin recovering your valuable data and get your device up and running again.

Let’s get started.

Wanna save your wet mobile phone or electronic device? Get a Save-A-Phone system immediately!

Save-A-Phone will remove moisture from any electronic device, NOT JUST PHONES. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions. Follow these directions carefully.

For step by step instructions on drying out your wet electronic device please watch the video below: