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Be Patient

Be Patient



Director of Fish - Aquarium

“We’re always dropping something in the water like mobile phones and walkie talkies.  We keep a couple of Save-A-Phone bags around at all times.”

Be Patient As We Dry Your Wet Phone or Device

The longer you leave your device in the Save-A-Phone bag with the Drying Agent packs, the better off you will be. If you replace the battery and power-up your device and it seemingly works fine, BACK UP ALL DATA IMMEDIATELY!

If you replace the battery and the phone does not power-up then:

  • The battery may be irreparably damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • The device is permanently damaged and needs to be sent to a manufacturer approved service center.

The Save-A-Phone bag can also be used for long and short term storage for electronics in high humidity environments like on your boat, camping, or while on vacation in the tropics.