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Drying The Device

Drying The Device



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“We’re always dropping something in the water like mobile phones and walkie talkies.  We keep a couple of Save-A-Phone bags around at all times.”

Drying The Wet Phone or Device

  1. dryingdevicePlace the device, battery, and SIM card inside the Save-A-Phone (larger) bag along with the two Drying Agent packs.
  2. Carefully seal the zip seal along the top of the Save-A-Phone bag, making sure that the seal is COMPLETELY closed all the way across the top.
  3. As the drying agent pulls the water out of your device the relative humidity inside the Save-A-Phone bag will increase and cause the built-in moisture indicator to turn pink in color. This process can take up to a couple of hours.
  4. Place the Save-A-Phone bag along with all of your components in a relatively warm place (68o F – 80o F). Now let the Drying Agent do its thing - draw the moisture from the device and battery.
  5. The drying process can take as little as four hours to dry out a device that has had limited exposure to moisture. However, it is recommended to keep the device in the bag for twelve hours. Following extended submersion, the device can take as long as seventy-two hours to completely dry out.

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  1. When the moisture has been removed from the device and is harmlessly trapped within the Drying Agent packs, the relative humidity inside of the bag will drop significantly. When this occurs the moisture indicator will turn back to blue. At this time it is most likely safe to replace the battery and SIM card and power-up your device.
  2. If the indicator never turns pink then there may not be all that much moisture in the device. We recommend leaving it in the Save-A-Phone bag for about twelve hours, just in case.