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Preparing The Device

Preparing The Device



Director of Fish - Aquarium

“We’re always dropping something in the water like mobile phones and walkie talkies.  We keep a couple of Save-A-Phone bags around at all times.”

Preparing Wet Phone or Device

preparingdeviceDON’T attempt to power up your device to check if it is working! By running electricity through it, you could cause unnecessary damage to the device. If it is not working at this point, do not attempt to re-charge the battery.

DO open up your phone if it clamshells or slides. If possible, remove the battery and SIM card IMMEDIATELY. If you are unable to remove the battery, don’t worry, Save-A-Phone will still work with the battery in place.

DON’T panic. Most electronic devices are not ruined by short-term exposure to water, especially if they were powered down or in standby mode when they were exposed.

DO blot dry any water that can be seen on the outside of the device and any moisture inside the battery compartment, on the battery, and on the SIM card with the included dry cloth.

DON’T attempt to shake the water out or use a blow dryer on your device. That will only force the water deeper into the device.

DO stand your device in an antennae-up orientation until you are able to safely begin the Save-A-Phone recovery process.