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Kindle Gets Saved From Water Damage

"Thank you, I just bought a save-a-phone bag for my Kindle, a work colleague recommended you as he had used one of your bags to successfully rescue his mobile phone. I was sceptical, due to the fact that I have broken the golden rule and constantly tried to switch my kindle on after it had been soaked in water. It was a week after my kindle had been dropped in water that I used the save-a-phone bag and it was showing no signs of life. I left it in the bag for 4 days, powered it up and it is working perfectly. Thank you, I am over the moon to have my kindle back :o)" Lorraine

Saved Me £150!!!

"Got to say the save-a-phone bag worked wonders for me. I accidentally left my phone (which id only had for not even two weeks at the time) on the bed and it got bundled up with the sheets which went in the washing machine, it was in there for a good 25 mins before i managed to get it out. I had seen the save-a-phone on the gadget show so thought i'd at least give it a try as £15 for the bag seemed a lot better than having to buy a second phone in as many weeks at £150! Got my bag a few days later and left my phone in it for the full 72 hours and pulled it out thinking that after all that time in the washer it wouldn't have worked but i put it all back together and switched it on and it actually worked! It was a bit slow for the first few days and the screen had a few water marks still but it's been a week now and the water marks have gone and it's no longer slow so all in all i would definitely recommend this to anyone who has been as silly as me and put their phone in the washer, saved me forking out another £150!!!" Nicole

The Bag Worked Perfectly

"The service was brilliant, I received the bag so quickly. Best of all, the bag worked perfectly." Cameron


Washed My Phone and Now Working Again!

"Same happened to me last week, left my phone in my work shorts pockets went through the wash for 45 mins, used the save a phone bag u sent us, within 24hrs it was working again, smelt really clean too." Sandra